Friday, June 10, 2011

Seahorse annotation driven RIA application development framework version 1.1 is released

Seahorse is an annotation driven framework that provides solutions for the model and controller layer of MVC based multiple rich internet applications (RIAs). Seahorse goals to provide all required functionality such as annotation driven dependency injection container (DIC), transaction management, persistency, caching, scheduling, authentication, remoting etc. to develop MVC based RIA applications. Seahorse can be used in distributed and collocated application architectures to develop Ajax based web applications and java rich client applications using JavaFX and Swing. Seahorse provides transparent remoting services to access to server side from rich client applications.

Followings are benefits of using Seahorse framework;

1. Declarative development environment for rapid application development

2. End to End solutions for the model and controller layer for the RIA applications

3. Annotation driven IOC container to easily configure and bind POJO beans

4. Declarative remote access and authentication for multiple rich clients

5. Declarative Transaction Management

6. Declarative server and client side caching

7. Declarative scheduling

8. JDBC abstraction layer that provides less coding and more robust development

9. Zero implementation to call stored procedures by providing declarative persistency

10. Highly customizable framework that almost you can change any framework implementation with the same approach that is used for configure applications

SeaHorse framework 1.1 tutorial, source code , binaries and sample project added to google code and can be downloaded from the following link :



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